I can't believe our second workaway is finished and we're almost in Croatia! Our three weeks went by quick and it was definitely because we were having fun. Going into this workaway, we knew that it was going to be a good host and location based on the reviews from previous workawayers. The hotel is … Continue reading Makry-Gialos



Our first workaway is on a little olive tree farm near a small village named Houdesti. Our time here has been better than expected. Nick and I are staying in the guest yurt and was lucky to have it all to ourselves. Before coming, I was afraid it was going to be difficult to sleep … Continue reading Houdesti

The Acropolis

After climbing hills and sitting on rooftops to admire the Acropolis from afar, today we went up and saw the Parthenon. It was definitely worth seeing up close! Fun story: After taking this picture, Nick was asked to take a photo of a woman traveling by herself. Knowing that Nick doesn't really like being responsible … Continue reading The Acropolis