The Acropolis

After climbing hills and sitting on rooftops to admire the Acropolis from afar, today we went up and saw the Parthenon. It was definitely worth seeing up close!


Fun story: After taking this picture, Nick was asked to take a photo of a woman traveling by herself. Knowing that Nick doesn’t really like being responsible for taking a good photo of someone, I asked if he needed help and he handed me the camera so I could take the picture. While taking a few snaps, Nick is approached again to take a photo of a couple. I figured I would finish with this lady and see if he needed help. As I walked toward him, he gave me a funny look while not putting the camera down. I looked over and the guy pulled out a ring box and got down on one knee. Not knowing that Nick was trying to get a small video, I was like “just keep snapping photos!” I’m confident he got some good pics, but as we walked away he said, “I should have just kept the first camera.” I will forever remember the Acropolis as the time Nick was an engagement photographer. DSCN1463DSCN1468

After a couple of hours walking around in the heat, we treated ourselves to some baclava ice cream (its AMAZING) and bought an assortment of baclava for later.


2 thoughts on “The Acropolis

  1. Anonymous says:

    Amazing photos to see on your post, i can only imagine how it must look and feel to be standing among them. Thanks for sharing and the update with a cute story.
    Love you, Aunt Cindy

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