What’s Next?

Nick and I left Beijing Thursday morning and are now in Athens. Like many of our friends before us, we have decided to travel before coming home. Traveling in between living abroad and moving home makes sense. Right now we don’t have debt, a job with limited vacation time, pets, a house, or any responsibilities tying us down to one place. All things that are likely to come once we get back to the states. So for the next two weeks, we will be in Athens. We have an adorable¬†Airbnb place right next to the National Gardens with a rooftop view of the Acropolis.

Traveling is expensive and we’re not looking to blow all of our money (we do have budget), so to lessen the cost of our travels and learn some new skills, we signed up for “workaway.” This site allows you to search hosts that are looking to have guest help them with tasks in exchange for a place to stay and sometimes food. After sending many requests to hosts in Greece, we have plans to help on an a small farm in Crete for two weeks, help with daily tasks and take care of a garden and cats for three weeks at a small guest house in Southern Crete, and hopefully learn about farming, bee keeping, and cheese making on a farm in Croatia.



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