Jerantut…is that in Malaysia?!?

Yesterday we woke up early for our appointed time to visit the Petronas Towers Skybridge. It was a good thing we booked it early because the line for tickets seemed to move slow, and we were able to jump to the counter and retrieve our tickets. After getting the tickets, we had a half hour to get breakfast, so we went to the foreign super market in the basement of the towers. We were excited to be in a legit food store, so we spent awhile looking through the aisles, then quickly bought a pastry, crepe, and a smoothie before heading back for the tour. Once we got to the waiting area, we realized food was not allowed on the tour, so we spent five minutes stuffing our faces and sucking down the smoothie, which left us with am awful brain freeze.

The tour was nice a quick and the view from the towers was pretty. It’s not a huge city, so you could see to the mountains. After the tour, we indulged in some food and shopping that reminded us of home. We were able to eat an Auntie Anne’s pretzel and have lunch at Wendy’s!! I was super excited to learn that Wendy’s existed in Malaysia since I’m basically always craving a junior bacon cheeseburger…but my excitement was squashed when I realized they didn’t serve any bacon products since they are a Muslim country. At least they had Frostys.

For dinner we walked to a food street that we found on our walk to the Towers. The street is lit up with Chinese lamps and has restaurants lining the whole street with outdoor seating. We had some seafood and chatted with a nice Australian couple. Then we went for massages and a drink before heading back to the hostel.

This morning we took a bus from KL to Jerantut. When we researched Taman Negara, a rainforest in Malaysia, many travelers recommended staying in Jerantut and going into the forest during the day. However, every time we asked about busses to Jerantut or mentioned it, we were given odd looks and told we should have booked a tour. The masseuse even asked if it was a place in Malaysia. So I wasn’t sure what to expected once we got here. It is a small place with one main road that has some small shops. We’ve walked the whole town and probably have looked around very grocery store. There is a Pizza Hut and a KFC, but nothing else that is recognizable. Upon a recommendation, we ate at Happy Fried Chicken for lunch and a small burger stand in the middle of the town. Tomorrow we will take a boat to the rainforest and spend the day there.






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